We develop custom, goals-based financial planning strategies that focus on retirement, philanthropic and wealth transfer planning, as well as insurance needs. From portfolio management to wealth preservation strategies, our services are designed to foster cohesion throughout your financial life.
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We design retirement strategies that are driven by how you define retirement. We work with you to customize your lifestyle and legacy goals, and analyze how your current financial situation impacts the probability of realizing these aspirations. With an emphasis on income distribution needs, risk mitigation and tax management, we help you plan for the retirement you envision.
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We work with clients, their families, estate planning specialists and other trusted advisors to create wealth transfer strategies designed to preserve your legacy and family values. With a focus on tax minimization and philanthropic desires, our solutions include establishing trusts and trusteed IRAs, charitable giving strategies, donor-advised funds, and private foundations. 

Additionally, we help you educate the next generation on financial and investment best practice.
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Your financial decisions can have short and long term tax implications that can negatively impact your ability to fund your legacy. Our team focuses on creating tax-efficient investment and wealth management strategies that help you maximize what you keep. Additionally, we work with you and your tax professional to create solutions that help minimize your tax liability, including deferred income, proactive management of income and capital gains, and optimization of tax-advantaged investments.
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EnVision partners with you to help you fulfill your fiduciary duty as a plan sponsor, support plan due diligence efforts, and provide ongoing plan assessment to help ensure regulatory compliance. 

Our services include:
• Needs and Plan Assessment
• Plan Benchmarking and Administration
• Investment Analysis and Selection
• Plan/Performance Reviews and Cost Analysis
• Education Programs (for Plan Sponsors and Employees)

Our services are tailored to your business’ distinct needs, from evaluating service providers to updating your investment menu. Our goal is to design a retirement plan that maximizes the benefits for both your employees and your business.
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